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Flight Training

Learn to fly with one of the best flying schools at Humberside International Airport.


Ground School

We offer ground school tuition to cover all subjects for the Private Pilots Licence.


Trial Flights

Trial Flying Lessons and Air Experience Flights - The perfect gift anytime!


Our Aircraft

Our four seater Piper Warriors are the best training aircraft in the North of England.


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Meet the management team and flying instructors at The POM Flying Club.


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You can contact us at anytime for further information or any questions.


Flying Lessons & Trial Flights!

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Introductory, Trial & Air Experience Fights and Training

As we come out of lockdown, the POM Flying Club will be able to resume training, Introductory and Trial Flights from 12th April 2021.
Please call us on 07985-753336 to book your flight or e-mail on info@gbpom.co.uk.
Any vouchers purchased from November 2020 to March 2021 will be extended until 30th September to give you 6 months to book and complete your flight. Passengers will be allowed, but facemasks must be worn during the flight.
We must emphasise the importance of the measures we have imposed including, washing your hands, on entry to the airport or using the hand sanitizers provided, taking your temperature to make sure its below 37.5, and to ensure your passengers complete the Covid self-declaration forms on our front desk. We will continue to sanatise the aircraft with Bacoban every week, and the headsets, including changing the voice sock after every use. Please be aware that we cannot accept more than 6 people in the terminal during your visit.

Please check our website for any further changes and updates or call/text us on 07985-753336.
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We are a Declared Training Organisation regulated and monitored by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

Trial Flights

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Flight School

Private Pilots Licence
  • Friendly dedicated instructors
  • The best Piper Aircraft
  • Online booking system
  • Dedicated Ground School

Age Limits

Details below
  • 14 to start logging time.
  • 16 before you can fly solo.
  • 17 to complete the license.
  • Medical exam also required.


PPL Members Club
  • Private Pilot Aircraft Hire
  • Superb PA28 Piper aircraft
  • The best airport facilities
  • Additional Equipment Hire

Learn to fly at Humberside airport

Trial Flights

Flying Training

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Ground School

The POM Flying Club
Departures Hall
Humberside International Airport
North Lincolnshire, DN39 6YH

07985 753336

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