Aircraft Rental from The POM Flying Group

Available for PPL rental


PA28-161 Piper Warrior


PA28-161 Piper Warrior

£89.00 per hour dry

Plus fuel average £53.00ph

 plus £10.00 landings

£89.00 per hour dry

Plus fuel average £53.00ph

 plus £10.00 landings



 1 hour (Compulsory) check out with Instructor @ £185.00 per hour (includes 2 landings)

 All aircraft hire prices are calculated from the HOBBS meter,  Hour or part thereof.

 Any fuel purchased at another airfield will be credited at the current Humberside fuel price. Please present your fuel receipt when you return to Humberside.

Please download and read the following documents.

  1. Payment Terms and Conditions - HERE

  2. PPL Membership application form - HERE

  3. Full 2019 Price List - HERE

Aircraft Rental / Self Hire - Members only

 Piper PA28-161 Warrior II 4 SEATER
 Standard Hire - dry rate

 **(plus fuel, average £55.00 p/hour)

£89.00 (+fuel - see note **)
 Hour Building (min 20 hrs) £ P.O.A.
 Humberside Landing Charge £10.00 per landing

Membership costs


 Annual Membership PPL

 Student Membership £105.00
 Junior Membership (under 17yrs) £80.00
 Country Membership £45.00
 Temporary Membership per month £20.00

Safety Equipment Rental - Members only

 6 person life raft £30 per day
 4 x Life Jackets £15 per day
 Personal Locator Beacon £5 per day
 GPS (Garmin 296)  £10 per day
 Zaon XRX Portable Traffic Alert £10 per day

TOURING PACKAGE - Hire all of this safety equipment for only £50 per day.

 We are happy to rent out the above equipment subject to a returnable deposit of £100.

 All of this equipment has been safety checked on a regular basis.