Club Membership



Flying training at Humberside Airport

Students who pass their General Flight Test for PPL or LAPL
 will automatically be joined as a member of The POM Flying Club. There is an annual membership fee see current price list HERE All members will be required to agree to our terms of membership. Payment Terms and Conditions - HERE
You will have on-line access to booking two of the best kept PA28-161 Warrior II in the North East. These aircraft have a comprehensive equipment level and are maintained to a very high standard for members to fly. Membership also gives you access to our club instructors for licence validations and training as well as to up-grade your PPL to include a IRr and Night rating. You will also be kept well informed about changes to CAA rulings as well as the benefit we derive from being Corporate members of AOPA. To be able to rent our aircraft, you must first join the club as either a full member or a Country Membership*. *Country Membership is available on application and is for pilots whos main membership is with an other club, not in the vicinity or live a distance of over 100 miles from Humberside Airport and will only fly occasionally (bearing in mind currency rules). To validate our insurance you will be required to have a check ride with our instructor on joining and then comply with our currency rules. 0-100 hours - 60 days Over 200 hours - 90 days or at the discretion on the Head of Training. The price for a one hour (Compulsory) check out with an Instructor, please see our current price list HERE
All aircraft hire prices are calculated from the HOBBS meter, Hour or part thereof.

Please download and read the following documents.

  • Payment Terms and Conditions - HERE
  • PPL Membership application form - HERE
  • Current Price List - HERE