Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy The POM Flying Group

The POM Flying Group and all of our team are committed to protecting the personal information and data that we hold on record about our employees, members, clients and any other individuals using our services.

In accordance with the EU′s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 25th May 2018 we have prepared this information as a basic guide to inform you of our data collection policy. Printed copies are available

Your signed acceptance of the printed document will serve as your individual approval and consent for us to collect and record any of the following personal data:

What information do we record?
1. Your full name and postal address. 2. Personal telephone number and email address 3. Details of any pilot′s licences and applicable medical certificates. 4. Your Next of Kin details. 5. Payment details, credit or debit card (only held for a single use transaction).

Trial Flights.
For security and safety it is essential that we record the personal details of all individuals participating in trial flights and the gift services that we offer. We will also need to retain your personal details until we have secured full payment for supplying these services. Following this you will have the opportunity to request that we either delete or allow us to retain your information for mailing and marketing updates.

Why do we need this information and what do we use it for?
We need to collect this information to maintain accurate records of our clubs membership and commercial activities. As we operate from a secure airfield facility, this information is vital to comply with security and safety. We also need to comply with any legal issues and satisfy our obligations as a CAA approved Flight Training Establishment. This is also used to ensure the validity of our insurance.

Where is this information stored?
Any of your personal information that we hold is available from or telephone 07985 753336. All personal files are stored on a secure hard drive with a second back up copy on a USB memory device. Access to this data is solely limited to management and training staff for the administration and governance of the Flying club.

Do you share any of my personal data or information?
We never share your personal information or data with any other individuals or third party commercial organisations. We use the services of for our bookings calendar and will need your permission to include your details on this system. You can review their own Terms and Conditions and Privacy policy on their website

Can I have access the data you hold about me?
Yes, full details are available from or telephone 07985 753336.

Can I ask for my data to be deleted?
You can request to have your personal information deleted from our records at any time. Contact or telephone 07985 753336.

Please note:
Because of the nature of our business and the secure environment we operate in, we reserve the right to delay this process if there are, or if we suspect any pending security or legal issues. Also please understand once we have deleted your personal details, you will no longer be able to use any of our facilities or services.

How will my data be deleted?
Upon your request we will delete any electronic records from our storage hard drives and computer recycle bins. You will have the choice for us to personally return to you any printed information or request that we shred these documents.

If you have any concerns whatsoever about this policy or how we handle your personal data and information you can contact us. or telephone 07985 753336.