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Dave Gibson

Chief Flying Instructor & Flight Examiner

Tim Darby

Flight Examiner & Instructor

Andy Rose

Flight & Ground School Instructor

Richard Amor

Flight & Ground School Instructor

Dan Manning

Flight & Ground School Instructor

Commercial Pilots Licence Captain

 Boeing 737-800


 Raytheon 800XP

Commercial Pilots Licence Commercial Pilots Licence

cirrus training

sr22 training

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Full List of CAA Flight Crew Standards documents Click HERE

Part of Schedule 8 of the AIR NAVIGATION ORDER Click HERE

Please download and read the following documents.

  1. Payment Terms and Conditions - HERE

  2. PPL Membership application form - HERE

  3. Student Membership application form - HERE


Membership Prices

 Annual Membership £130.00
 Student Membership £105.00
 Junior (Under 17) £80.00
 Country Membership £45.00
 Temporary 1 Month Membership £20.00
 Self Hire - Members only Prices
 Piper PA28-161 Warrior II 4 SEATER
 Hour Building (min 20 hrs) £P.O.A.
 Aircraft Hire £89.00 per Hour Dry + Fuel

*N.B: The above flying rates are subject to variation in AVGAS fuel prices and fuel surcharges may apply.

Training Rates

 PPL / NPPL £109.00 per hour*
 IRR & Night £116.00 per hour*
 Ground School £45.00 per hour
 Ground School £165.00 per day
 Ground written exams £55.00 each
 Radio Telephony Practical exam £170.00
 PPL Skills Test £170.00
 LAPL/NPPL GST £160.00
 IR/R Aerobatic Skills Test/Renewal £170.00
 Instructor Hire PPL £35.00
 Instructor Hire IMC night £45.00


Private Pilots Licence Package (EASA)

 45 hrs Flying in PA28 Warrior £7538.00
 Landing Fees (min estimate) £395.00
 Annual Student Membership £95.00
Estimated Total £8028.00


National Private Pilots Licence (NPPL)

Please enquire for details £*


Fixed-Wing Pilot's Starter KitPPL Study pack in a smart Flight Bag. A great starter pack containing all of the items required for your PPL training.

Only £236.00


EASA PPL- Private Pilots Licencesr22 cirrus flying training

This licence is recognised throughout Europe and entitles the holder to fly as Pilot in Command either solo or with passengers in a single engine light aircraft with a Maximum Take Off Weight of 2300kg (5070lbs) between the hours of daylight under Visual Flight Rules, Clear of cloud and in sight of the surface.

Minimum 45 Hours Flight Training with General Flight Test plus Seven theory examination subjects.

Additional Aircraft types, i.e. twin engine and additional ratings can be added after qualification training.

Prices below - Full course syllabus and information can be downloaded from the CAA Website Click  HERE

CAA NPPL- National Private Pilots Licence

This licence is for use only in the UK and is aimed at people who wish to just fly for enjoyment rather than as a stepping stone to a career in aviation. The NPPL was a created as an alternative to the stricter JAR-regulated PPL and its associated medical requirements. Whilst such regulations may be appropriate for commercial aviation, it was suggested that they can impose an excessive burden on recreational pilots. Award of an NPPL still requires that students train to a comprehensive skill level, it allows the holder to fly either solo or with up to three passengers, in a single engine light aircraft with Maximum Take off weight of 2000 kg (4408 lb) using Visual Flight Rules only between the hours of daylight.  

Minimum 32 Hours Flight Training, Navigation Skill test before solo navigation and final General Flight Test plus theory examination subjects.

Prices below - Full course syllabus can be downloaded from the NPPL Website Click HERE

CAA IMC- Instrument Meteorological Conditions

IMC Training using "Foggles" to restrict the Pilots exterior view. image copyright www.zoome.co.uk The IMC Rating is a UK National Rating and as such is only valid for flights in UK territorial airspace, Channel Islands and Isle of Man airspace. The rating allows the holder to fly cross country and carry out airfield approaches in reduced visibility weather using sole reference and guidance to onboard flight performance and navigation instruments.

Minimum 15 hours training with flight test and one theory examination.

Prices below - Full details can be downloaded from the CAA Website Click HERE


For a PPL holder to fly at night they must hold a valid Night Qualification.

Training consists of 5 hours night flying, 3 hours dual instruction (including 1 hour night navigation), 5 solo takeoffs and landings. There are no written examinations.  In order to keep the qualification valid the holder must have completed 1 landing at night in the last ninety days or within the immediately preceding 13 months carried out as pilot in command not less than 5 take-offs and landings at night. Prices below.

multi engine training humbersideMulti-Engine Rating - The Multi Engine Rating will entitle the PPL holder to fly in command of Single Pilot Multi Engine Piston aircraft. The course is undertaken with the POM Flying Club in conjunction with Triple A Flying using the Beech Duchess aircraft. The course comprises 6 Hours Flying Training and 7 Hours Ground Training in order to give the candidate a sound theoretical knowledge of multi engine piston aircraft operation in accordance with the visual flight rules (VFR), and to teach the skills necessary for the safe and competent operation of such aircraft. A flight test with a CAA authorised examiner is taken at the end of the course.
As an addition, the application of the IMC rating can also be added to the course, or for persons who already have a Multi Engine Rating, the IMC element can be conducted as a "Stand Alone" course.


Adapted from the Commercial Pilots Course and is designed to improve your overall confidence by further enhancing your flying technique and general aircraft handling skills.


A real fun course of approximately 10 hours designed to teach your wife/partner/friend some basic flying skills to act as (non-licensed) safety pilot. Certificate awarded upon completion. Covers Aircraft general handling skills and basic air navigation.


We offer Ground school tuition to cover all theory subjects required for the award of a Private Pilots Licence and additional ratings.

  • Air Law & Operational Procedures (Aeroplane)
  • Aircraft General & Principles of Flight (Aeroplane)
  • Flight Performance & Planning (Aeroplane)
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Communications
  • IMC Rating

Contact us for further details. PPL/IMC Ground School £40.00 per hour - £160.00 per day

General information.

Minimum Age

There generally is no minimum age to start flying training as long as your feet can touch the pedals!

  • You have to be 14 years of age for training hours to count towards your PPL/NPPL licence.

  • You have to be 16 years of age before you can fly solo.

  • You have to be 17 years of age to complete the licence.   


NPPL MEDICAL Before you can fly solo for NPPL training you must have a DVLA Group1 medical certificate, you can obtain this from your local GP. NPPL medical details can be downloaded from the CAA Website Click  HERE

PPL MEDICAL To fly solo for PPL you require minimum of a CAA Class Two Medical, this must be conducted by a CAA registered Doctor. The POM Flying Group has a list of Doctors in the local area who are CAA registered.

PPL medical details can be downloaded from the CAA Website Click HERE

Instruction - on PA28 - 4 seat low wing aircraft

Aircraft Hangar and Accommodation.

The POM Flying Club offers comfortable offices, class room next to the airport cafeteria and there are toilet facilities in the departures main hall. A short walk outside to the general aviation area, takes you to our aircraft parking.

Contact us for details of recommended local hotels and guest accommodation.

pom flying club


Please arrive at the airport at least an hour before your booked time of flight - as this will allow time for the pre-flight brief and preparation before your flight and bring with you your flight bag and log book.

We also recommend that you call us the day before or before you set off from home - to check that the weather conditions at Humberside Airport are suitable for your planned training. If the weather is un-flyable we will re-book your flight immediately.

All of our Instructors have considerable experience in flying, and are either ex RAF, current Commercial Airline Pilots or full time Commercial Instructors with a friendly and professional approach.